Thursday, May 26, 2011

Baby Milo

My nephew Milo James Polifka was born on April 20th 2011 and weighed a healthy 7.5 pounds (but he seems so small when you are holding him.)

Can you do the Hula?

I have been HORRIBLE at blogging. I came up with a summer resolution (do people even do those) to be better at blogging! Recently (well in march) my parents and I went to the beautiful Hawaiian island of KAUAI! Seriously one of the most beautiful places I have EVER been!

Our last night in Kauai was the day the earthquake happened in Japan. As we got the news of the earthquake we were told that all the Hawaiian Islands were on Tsunami WARNING aka needing to evacuate. As we were getting ready to move to higher ground all I could think about was the Church and how the first presidency always tells the members to be prepared. No one ever thinks anything will happen to them and that was honestly how I felt too. I had never been in the middle of or close to a natural disaster. Although being evacuated seemed annoying and uncomfortable (not being able to sleep all night) at times on that long night, it strengthened my testimony of emergency preparedness, and how we always need to be ready for anything that can happen, anytime. ALOHA!