Saturday, January 21, 2012

Happy Brain Day Mary!!!! :)

A year ago today, one of my best friends was in a brain surgery that ened up saving her life. I can't even fathom or imagine what courage it would have taken to make such a decision. Over the past year, I have gotten to hear more of Mary's story, how she lives her new life after the surgery, and sometimes even what she struggles with. I don't think someone that is weak would be able to handle this. It would be the strongest ever created and made. I am sure there are challenges I can't even think of following a major brain surgery. I am SO proud of Mary for making such a hard decision, I would imagine it would take every ounce of courage. I can't imagine my life without that happy face. She made a decision that would literally SAVE HER LIFE.
Her family has been a light and an example to so many of enduring to the end, keeping the faith, and trusting the Lord. I know Heavenly Father took care of her that day, and PRAYERS ARE ANSWERED! I know many people are blessed my having Mary and the Goodwin family in their lives! I hope we will always remember to count our blessings. Happy one year Mary!And here's to many more! :)

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